A Pop Culture Playground

NewsEase turns school into a pop culture playground by offering a simple, easy to use platform to create custom online class newspapers, based on books, comics, and games kids know & love.
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A Proven Intervention

NewsEase is based on a proven, independently tested five-year experiment called The Daily Prophet. Through that one online newspaper, our founder tutored over 400 children worldwide. NewsEase will bring that success to classrooms all around the world.
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Calling all teachers & schools! Do you want to use NewsEase in your classroom before anyone else? Then you need to sign up for a chance to be part of our upcoming private beta test!
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You Can Help

Are you as passionate as we are about the power of pop culture to engage kids in the joy of literacy? Then NewsEase needs you! We’re actively looking for partners, donors, and supporters to help us with our very first beta, testing the power of NewsEase in classrooms this coming school year.
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Halcyon Lends a Hand

NewsEase is fortunate to have the support & assistance of the prestigious Halcyon Incubator. Watch our founder, Heather Lawver Sewell, present NewsEase to the media & the world at Halcyon’s launch event!
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Sample Class Newspaper

Want to see what a classroom newspaper would look like with NewsEase? Now you can! We’ve created a sample class newspaper based on the Harry Potter book series. Better yet, all of the content was written by original Daily Prophet columnists, age 9 through 16!
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A Happy Halloween Treat For You!

Here at NewsEase we love Halloween! It’s the one time of year where absolutely everyone instinctively understands the joy of immersing themselves inside their favorite stories. To celebrate this special holiday we put together a little gift just for you – a Batman & Batgirl Trick or Treat Origami Kit! Download original Gotham-inspired origami paper to make a spooky bat and a handy smart phone stand!
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NewsEase Needs YOU!

Are you a programmer with a passion for pop culture? Do you believe in the power of geekdom to inspire and educate? Then NewsEase is the place for you! We’re developing our first private beta, but we need the talents, skills, passion, and web wizardry of back-end web developers just like YOU!
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Happy Birthday, Bob Kane!

100 years ago today, Bob Kane was born. Mr. Kane created our favorite superhero, Batman! Why do we love Batman? Because more than any other superhero, Batman proves you don’t have to be super to be a hero. Bruce Wayne wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider, he’s not an alien from a planet of god-like immortal beings.
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